The King of Everything

Cut the shit.

I’ve taken a little while

to reconcile all of this.

So what is it,

that tears away the favor

from your precious gift?

What is it,

that I’m supposed to submit


believing in you?


I know all you know,

but somehow,

you have claimed the chair

above us, now.

I don’t think

that I care

enough to tear you



It only looks like

you’re over me,

when I’m standing still.

I’m gone and you’re alone;

king of everything

and still

so helpless.


You claimed

you had touched the Sun;

well doesn’t everyone

who gets real high?

You said

you had seen Heaven;

well doesn’t everyone

who dies?


You said you received

wisdom from the sky;

well so does everyone

who lies.

If you think I’m

going to submit,

you must be out of your

fucking mind.


Cut the shit.

We’re all just living our lives.

You can’t keep us under your shell.

So quickly all of your kind

make everything resemble Hell.

I’m not gonna silence my discord,

I’ll work my own way

through the tide.

I don’t need the persuasion,

I’ll find my own way

to the sky.



HG – 2018

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