Heat, Light and Energy

We wind up

wherever the wind blows.

There’s something there to guide us,

even in our endless folly.

No more

fear of living aimless,

right up to the elbows

in an endless purpose.

It’s nothing short of amazing

that we have ended up here;

wherever here is.

We just know it’s not there,

in that torture chamber.



from our gilded cages,

we reached out and captured

the wind blowing

and it took us away.

No fear,

not even an inkling.

All evaporated

in whatever this is;

heat, light and energy.





is only a beginning.

A portal on the pathway

of this brief incarnation.

Who knows what happens next?


All I know is

I never expected;

never in my wildest,

to be here,

right now,

with you.


We survived

some of the worst

that the world had.

We’re alive,

despite all of our missteps.

We’ve denied

our design

and felt our own destruction.

Now there’s a chance

that we will keep on moving,

on and on forever,

gaining velocity.




A single energy.


We can

make our way together,

further up the pathway,

if we can only let go

of things that bind,

that restrain us

and keep our grip on the wind.

Who knows where we’ll end up?


HG -2018

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