Making a Coward

See me as resigned.

Lost to the day-to-day,

too much of the assuaging way,

not enough of the ultra violence.


Sleep at your own peril.

Rest in the lion’s den unbothered,

until the instinct wakes,

then even your good fortune wavers.


This is the last resort.

This is the final call to battle.

The final chance to pray,

before it’s time to face the dragon.


Maybe it’s just me,

but didn’t we

start down this road



Now you are gone,

lost in the sky,

while I’m caught

out in the open.


You tell me,

if I pull you down,

I’ll face

what happens after.


Better that,

then staying here

where death

is certain.


Idle threats,

idle hands;

the Devil’s playthings,

our imaginations.


Craft a void,

fill with shit,

hollow, now

you have become.



for the world

to hover over you

and fill you up.


I have been ignored

and for that I am thankful.

Just leave me alone,

like you left me in that battle.


Guess what?

I survived

and left you

up in the sky.


Who knew a star could fall

before it ever burned?

I guess there’s justice

after all.



HG – 2018

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