California Sunrise

Small town nobody.

Never gonna be,

never really cared.

Bought a ticket to LA,

never got on that Greyhound.


Wasted days

and wasted nights.


that old forty-five

spins on the record player

for a couple of days.

Life is hard to let go

when you’ve got regrets,

that’s just how it goes.


The seasons come

and the seasons go.

There’s so much more that you could know,

but you’re already turning back

to that old place

you started at.

So afraid to make the way.


Prayers go out when word gets around,

you were found on the ground,

guess you found another way out,

but what a way to go.

You’ll always be remembered

as a small town kid,

but not very much more.


You left your dreams

in a California sunrise

that you never got to see.


HG – 2018

5 thoughts on “California Sunrise

      1. You’re welcome. All of it, particularly the end. It reminds me of something I wrote the other day about how fear, whether it be if greatness or of failure can keep us stagnant. I think I were it yesterday, lol 🤔 I believe a lot of us fear dying unknown and alone, but we often don’t do anything to avoid it. It’s something I currently battle with.

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