King of Fools


is an unrequited word.

Give until you can give no more.

Slaking the thirst

of the long, ungrateful shadow

is a fool’s errand

and the lover’s lot.


Bury the animosity.

Be the bigger man.

Take the high road

and level the village.


We have raised statues to kings

that changed the face of the Earth,

only to tear them down,

as if we could re-crown the mountains.


Enough is enough.

It’s time to taste that bitter water.

Time to take some in our palm

and judge its clarity.


These days

death and resurrection

are more one than the other.

We offer more condolences,

but never think

it’s us who swings the axe.


Give and take a little

and take a little more

and a little more

and a  little more,

and ask me in twenty years

why we, “Never stayed in touch?”

I have always been a fool,

but I was never “your” fool.


King of the occluded mind.

Queen of the blatant mark.

Some people deserve each other;

they don’t have to compromise.


I took down

their pictures from my wall

long ago.


 I have a blank space,

and you know what?

I’m in no hurry to fill it.


The world is full

of Jokers and face cards

and all pay the same

to get out of the game.

So there’s no reason

to hold on to them;

any of them,



The alarm bell chimes,

the birds sing

and we are free

only to compromise

with ourselves.


HG – 2018

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