Drain The Swamp

The words don’t match the indiscretions.

The lips don’t move in synch with what we

hear is something oh, so different.

Who am I to deny your place here?


Every garden has a serpent.

Ever shepherd has an army.

The truth of what it is

and what it isn’t,

is the same as what will

and will not be.


Blame me for the times you’ve fallen.

I can take your self-destructing.

I will watch you burn to tallow,

even delight in your story.


This is just another one

of those things

that you’ll ignore;

a metaphor


all those little sins

that don’t add up.

I’m sure you’re going to be fine.


I’m not a doctor,

or a friend,

so don’t take my advice.

I just want you to succeed.


That keeps you far away

and not just dragging

all your dirty laundry

out into the flower garden.


I thought education

might have fixed you,

but I was just wrong,

like I have been

about so many things.


You can blame that on me, too.

All of this

is just dishonest,

isn’t it?

Time to cut the bullshit.

I can quit

any time I want.

Can you?


HG -2018

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