Wind & Solar

I’m burning though

my algorithm.

You can hear my circuits frying.

Too much speed,

too much heat,

asking more of my software

than it was designed for.

Guess it’s time for an upgrade.


Drop the simple things,

life is just one big complication.

One day we will gasp

in awe of the Sun,

as it burns hot,

hotter than we’ve ever known

and then God Bless the night

and those who have looked away.


Let’s get some air moving,

cool it down a little.

Just a few hundred knots;

let’s tear off the shingles.

Let’s blow down some trees,

let’s collapse a strip mall.

It’s all good, Son.

I  think her temperature’s coming down.

Leave the gentle breeze back in the alpine meadow.



we’re gonna be water cooled.

God knows, only if we’re lucky.

The only fluids we’ve known here

are whiskey, piss and blood.

Always too much of one

and not enough of others.


I just can’t keep up

with this insane,

day to day,

comical charade.

This would be a tragedy

any other day,

but instead the world finds something

to celebrate.


Better eat your cake,

it’s flavoured with the newest code.

You’re gonna need it,

don’t you know,

this is where

the cattle go

when it’s time to make the burgers.

I can’t keep my head down;

I want to face the killing blow

head on.


It feels like the arm is cocking back

to strike right now.

I’m bitter in persuasion.

My politics are fatal.

I’m living an abortion,

where I take my life

before it’s even begun

and I know I’m a sinner.


Waiting to be


but I think

the power will go out

before that can happen.

Should have gone nuclear,

then we would be here,

in this mess, now.


HG – 2018

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