Feet on the ground,

eyes searching the horizon,

then closed,

taking in the sounds,

the smells,

the vibrations.

This is the order of existence;

choosing to be here,


in this moment.

To be present,

to be involved.

No more running,

no more escaping.

Not a trapped animal,

in a sinking ship,

on fire.



isn’t that easy?

Simple as walking,

or staying

right here.

feel alive.

Feel your whole body,

living in this instant.

Time is irrelevant.

This could be minutes,

or this could be hours,

or no time at all.


Find that place,

that’s not quite the sky,

not quite the ground

and settle in

just for now.

This is your trailhead;

the base of the mountain,

the beginning of time.

Your creation begins




HG – 2018

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