Lovers in Static

A whisper in a storm

drown out my voice,

my secrets.

Shared through hard interrogation,

words I could barely force to utter.

You are just a shadow falling

from behind your downpour curtain.


I’m not sure you ever heard me,

even before the storm,

when I was shouting.

I think you were just

reading lips,

taking in my gestures,

body language speaks

louder than words.


Sometimes it screams

something unavoidable.

It that’s the case,

what am I saying now?

I won’t speak

I won’t say those words

that you think I’m thinking.


I don’t believe

that we were ever

any better off

than we are

right now,

or that we will be.

Just imagine how strong

we will be

if we can survive the storm.


I watch you turn away

and for a brief moment

I can see

that look of wild panic

in your eyes,

seeking some escape

and I don’t blame you.

I can barely make out

and outline of you.


It’s really coming down

and it’s tough not to feel

alone and abandoned,

but I’m still here

and even if we lose sight

of each other,

when this is all over

I will still be here.



calling your name.

Softly as I can,

just to see

if you’re listening.

This is just a test.

Everything is just a test.

That broad, familiar sky,

is just a test.


When the storm breaks,

you’ll see that it

was just a test, too.

Do you hear me?

Do you see?

I’m still calling out to you.

Do you hear me?

Do you see?

I’m right here in front of you.


HG – 2018

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