from a former trajectory,

like a shoot comes off the branch

to chase the Sun.


but this mutation

may be the saving one.

The holy throw.

Hail Mary full of Grace and vice.

Turn us from these sinners, now

into our obscurity.

Our fates,

our ways,

no longer what we wanted

when we first set out.


We were not afraid

at first.

We were young and dangerous,

at least we thought we were.

Stylish and sexy then.

Anything we wanted was ours.

Then we saw the darkness come.

It took away our favour,

took away our minds.

Distractions became habits.

Habits became dying.

We fell to expectations,

like wheat before the scythe.

The lucky ones

got out with their lives.


So no consequence,

I guess,

would have to be so dire.

I’m going another way,

my friend;

so, I guess this is “Good-bye”.

I see a new journey,

I see a new path.

I am on my way

and I am never coming back.

Turn away,

before it’s too late.

It’s okay to be afraid.


HG – 2018

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