The Proposal

Would you give me your hand?


not in a simple union.

This time

it could be something

far greater.

A step into the long forever.


Ask me softly if I love you.

Again I tell you as I always.

You and I have something special,

that is why we must move on.


The place we’re in was once a safe one,

now we’ve grown all fat with comfort,

waxed idle, lax and inattentive,

we failed to see the demons closing in.


Our time is short here,

so take my hand

and we’ll make the next step together.

Right off of this cliff,

the sky above,

below, the river.


Either way will take us

somewhere new.

Either off into the blue,

or into the wilderness.

Either holds a secret

and it’s one we need to live.


The only shame in life

is to die,

having never really lived.

I want you to take my hand

and close your eyes.

Picture a door,

a most important door

and what’s behind it

is everything you’ve ever wanted.


Do you open it,

or are you afraid?

I know I am.

I’m fucking terrified,

but it’s time now

to grip the handle,

give it a twist,

open the door

and step right through

and leave

everything we’ve known behind.


There’s a whole new unknown

waiting for us,

to choose life,

real life.

Take my hand in this still darkness,

let us light a candle here.

Come with me down this dark passage,

we both know the time is near.

Through the shadows,

to a doorway,

different from all those you’ve seen.

Open it and step through lightly,

into life,

out of the dream.


I would never ask you something,

that I didn’t think you’d know.

Don’t look back,

just walk away.

Are you ready to go?

Take my hand.

Take my hand.

Take my hand.

Let’s go.


HG – 2018

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