1000 Posts

Today I published my 1000th post to the Hokus Grey Blog, as anticlimactic a milestone as one could expect, but a significant one, nonetheless.

I hope you all have enjoyed these pieces and I promise that they will keep coming. Writing is less a choice for me than it is a necessity of life. Like breathing, or laughing, or loving – it comes unbidden, even when the result is less than sublime.

Of course, there is always more to do, greater heights to strive for and goals to reach. I hope to have something different coming along very soon, even just a fleshing out of some old ideas, or the natural evolution of a few projects. Every day that I write and read, I gain a new respect for the words and their place in our reality. It seems that with their ability to reach more and more people through technology, they have greater power than ever before. I think we are in a truly revolutionary time, with regards to how we express ourselves and exchange ideas.

Thank you all again for the investment in my work, by way of your time and your interest. I hope it has been enjoyable and that you return again. I will do my best to make the words as raw and true as I can and go a little bit further into my own experiences with this reality as I can and bring back a little something each time.

1000 posts…

… well, I guess that’s something.


Here’s to 1000 more.



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