We let Autumn

take the rainbow,

take the sky,

silence the cries.

We let our children

uncover secrets

buried under the leaves

we left behind.


Spun like a spider,

hid like a viper,

we left our hardness

to rust and linger.

I think we hoped

that time would soften

what we could not withstand.


Never in the year

does the timeline yield.

Never in our lives

does the reaper wait.

Never in our lives

will we see respite

because the past

is a wolf

and the future

is hungry.


Harvest time.

Better get the good

that you fostered,

that you nurtured,

that you loved,

that you worked for,

that you built.


All that you eat

is the meat

that you hunted,

because the feast will go

to those who confronted.


We let Autumn come again

and we said we’d do better this year.

We lied to the little ones.

We hid from ourselves again.

We know that the Judgement comes,

with our last breaths we’ll linger in

all things left undone,

Hell is our own creation.


Winter will come soon.

I hope that you’ve laid up stores.

We love each other so,

but each of us fights a war.

There’s so much here at stake.

We all sing the same refrain;

the time for love has come and gone,

it’s harvest time again.



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