Safety Blanket

I remember a time

before I hid behind

this electric hum.

Consequence walked with innocence,

we told time by the Sun.


I remember your eyes,

they sparkled in the evening light.

Now all I see is unshed tears

and the moment,

like what’s important



Maybe it’s this cruel world,

maybe it’s our own

anger and indecision

that makes time here

Heaven or Hell?


I don’t know,

if I’m asking questions anymore,

or if there are answers,

I just can’t tell.


So slow it down,

go back to basics.


you are you.

I am me

and this world does not require

our understanding,

only our presence.


What we think we think

is just a safety blanket,

so that all we see

doesn’t make us insane.


I remember a time

when I knew nothing.

I had love and trust

and I was okay.

You were the same.


So, let it all go.

Return to dust.


We were once

free and only

we can see


for who we are.


HG – 2018

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