People Face

Yearning for a shadow’s virtue,

faithful and anonymous.

Reaching out in empty vacuum,

touching only emptiness.

Prefect in its dearth and bereft

of a cunning snake to kill.

Rocks to dash my foot on greatly,

simple and attainable.


At least

that’s what I

tell myself

I want to believe.

That I

want to vacate,

just a little getaway

from all of this

pain and rancor,

dismal dialogue.

Its long lost realm

of ridiculous.


Just wash my hands

and step into

the great and hungry void.

Spend some time

detached totally

from this reality.


Fingers cut and wounded broken

clinging to what I was sold.

Eyes belie the constant struggle

of fitting through the keyhole.


Unlocking this,

but no new vision

shows me what I want to see.

Short sighted as the universe seems,

forever’s not enough for me.


I guess I’ll find out

one day.

Until then,

I’ll put on my people face.

Smile ’cause it’s just another day.

Trying to figure out

what we simulate

and why.




HG – 2018

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