through time engender

who we used to be,

who we are.


at our peril,

not turning back,

no slowing down.



we know about each other

is history;

the present, too.

I cannot turn back the clock

and make things the way they were,

and even if I could,

I wouldn’t want to.


This place remains

as soon it’s gone

just like the moments

you are holding on to.

The past

is a deadly vision.

The present,

a state of mind.


All we have

is the next moment.


after time,

after time.


There is nothing left behind us.

All we hold is dying grass.

Holding on to terra firma

as gravity releases grasp.

Blades will break

and you will tumble

up into the black abyss.

No more past on which to stumble,

just eternal nothingness


Forever is a very long time.

The future

is our paradise.

The past,

turning back

is the road to Hell

and I won’t have

any part of that.


Open your eyes.

In front of you

is your entire life.

The possibilities

are endless.

These passages

are full of ghosts,

just let them be.

They have no place with us;

we’re moving on

into the light, now.

Weightless and

eternal truth.


Let who you are

and who I am,


and we’ll move on;

into the light, now.


HG – 2018

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