Listen to the water drop,

no more

the noise is swallowed up by

pregnant silence

as the cold slides in.

A malevolent spirit

come to choke you out.


Isn’t it so


that all those things you said

just seem to echo in your chamber

and you’re making sounds

that conform to your transgressions;

so indisputable.


I guess it is easy

to stand upon the hill

and bathe yourself in sunlight

when you’re

standing still,

not taking any fire.


A child in winter time

is old, now.

Alone and so lonely,

teeth are still growing,

complaining owes you, now.

Simple translations

become esoteric;



You’re in charge

and ought to be recognised,

but you’re only seeing

a reflection

in your hand held device.


It’s not even picking up a signal,

 just replaying

all your old content back again.

You can’t recognize

the world you’re in

is just a simulation.


You’re just a line,

doing just fine.

The subtext is drawn,

the substrate designed.

The word’s on the page

and you’re just an “I”.

We’re math and a lie,

imagining time.

You’ve opened your eyes

to see what’s inside,

but you only see

what’s been left behind.

So obvious I’m

a trick of your mind,

illogical kind,

pathological crime.


So it’s all

too far gone

and I’m sitting on the outside.

I don’t look in


It’s like wondering

what’s happening inside your television,

it’s not worth bothering

with something I’m not going to fix.


I guess,

it doesn’t really matter.

I’m just watching you

wrestle with yourself.

Convincing you

is entertainment;

your indisputable.


HG – 2018

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