The Trouble With The Dark

The trouble with the dark

is that it acts as an amplifier,

not a good hiding place,

not empty,

nor not and void.


If you should climb inside,

you’ll find that it’s occupied

and all the things in your life

that you’re running from

are waiting for you.


What is a whisper in the sun,

becomes a cry at night.

The words spoken at the dawn

echo in through your mind.

Shadow, the refuge in

for all of humankind,

concealing us from our sin,

or so we think at the time.


Why do you think

we fear the dark?

It’s because we put our fears there.

Every monster,

every vile creature,

that we can conjure

in our dreams

is there.


The trouble with the dark

is it is essentially limitless,

but it is not empty,

nor safe,

nor secure;

that’s why the Devil waits there.



hide underground?

Let the Sun see you.

Under the mountainside,

you are not safe as you think.


All you are doing

is closing your eyes

and walking through traffic.

Time to come into the light

and give back your magic.


The trouble with the dark

is that it hides you away.

Come out and play.


HG – 2018

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