If I had no more days,

what would I say?

I’m not sure

I never said it all.

It’s been a while

and I’ve been at this

along time.


Would I tell you

to see the world in words

and not distain it?

Even with its constant failures.


The sunrise is

just as beautiful

as the sunset.


I arrived

and immediately

asked too much of you.

So sorry,

for being a provocateur.


I wish

that I knew for certain

all of the things

that I would need to say

before you let me go.


I guess

regrets and torments

are nothing new,

just wish I outgrew them.


I would tell you

that you’ve meant

more to me

than anything else

in this whole world.


I would tell you

not a day went by

that I didn’t think of you

and smile.


You were just as much

a sanctuary to me

as a lover.


With you

I always felt safe,

and loved,

and whole.


What else would I say,

if I were out of days?


I would make sure

you knew

you were looked after.


Not alone,

or opposed;

forever sheltered.


I would ask you

to lay your burdens down,

your grief and your sadness

and pick up your sword

and your shield,

because there is still so far to go.



I am not with you

after tomorrow,

just know that I love


and want the best for you.



what you have to do

to be alive

and stay that way.


I love you.



HG – 2018

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