Mind Changer

All you are is a lie,

dancing inside the fire,

promising eternal life,

all you are is desire.


Woke to an eagle’s dare,

tied to the firing line.

You caught me unaware.

Empty heart, empty mind.


The ravages of time

seem to have left your smile.

That fire in your eyes

has been gone,

now for a little while.


This is what is good

in the turning away the day.

You should have understood

and done this anyway.


I can’t follow you down.

I’ve got that altitude,

to see what you’re up to, now

and what you have to do

to be honest with you.


I feel the slow warmth,

of this kind of vindication.

You claim a certain position,

I see no indication,

that you’re here,

for the moment,

for the minute.

All I hear

is the problem

and you’re in it;

right at the heart of it,

exist because of it.

I’m no informed source,

but I think you love it.


There’s a certain

rhythm to change.

There’s a certain madness

in all of us.


I don’t,

I won’t love your enabling.

I won’t,

I can’t love you

and say good-bye.


HG – 2018

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