I feel my grip slip

and that’s the only indication

that I need

to keep holding on.

My heart has sunk

into my belly,

a leaden weight

that I refuse to abandon.

My eyes behold a single vision,

distorted through my insecurity,

and tears that defy gravity,

a fishbowl enigma

I don’t have the ability

to contend



I think I could tell you

up from down,

it’s a coin-toss either way.

Up is up,

there’s no denying,

but I’ve never been that way.

Arms are bound

in tangled sinews

of emotional revenge.

Guilt absolved

by God’s own child,

but I’m afraid of everything.

I’m just a little boy again,

in the light

of the brand new day,

only now I carry

the scars,

of all my mistakes.

I always wanted to start over,

I wanted a clean slate,

but the territory is terrifying,

not sure what move

if any

I should make.


Let’s get it on.






















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