Keeping Time

Time doesn’t stop.

It is the leaking fissure,

escaping out of us,

to bleed into the sky.

So little left of us,

our sacrifices may be

the only things

that draw us onward.


Shining as a diamond,

or glittering gold;

we only play at living.

We know deep down inside,

our only currency is time

and it’s escaping.

Our hands cannot hold

the thing that means the most

and we don’t know

how much we each remain.


Stack the deck

all we might

and still,

the fate we know

may never change.

Take it all in,

every second,

every reverberation,

every heartbeat,

every gust of wind.


Sit in silence.

Sit beside the ocean

and hear if you can;

time passing by.

Measure it in breaths,

or by the sound

of waves upon the shore.

Take it in

and know

that what little time we have

is immeasurably valuable.


Wait on the feeling,

on the moment.

Meditate on the air on your skin.

Feel alive

and make it last forever.

Keep time with yourself;

it’s all we have to lose.


HG – 2018

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