How do we keep the climb?

End of the mountain now.

Up there is only sky,

trying to hold the clouds.

Can’t even scale the rain

as it is falling down.

How do we keep the climb,

when we’ve run out of ground?


Guess I’ll attempt to fly.

Reach for the stars above.

That’s what they tell a child,

they fill their words with love.

I’m stepping off the world,

into the great divide,

in between everything,

going out of my mind.


Leaving behind the lie.

Leaving behind the touch.

I’ve clung on to the world

and loved it very much,

but where I’m going now,

second star to the right,

into a story book,

I’ll be a trick of light.


How do we keep the climb?

The air is getting thin.

Up above all the birds,

only way out’s within.

I can’t go any more.

Higher than I’ve become.

Anymore life in me,

I’ll be an atom bomb.


Stepping into the stars

will be the easy part.

I’ve got it all planned out.

Don’t want to break your heart.

I’m just an astronaut,

trapped in a normal guy

falling right off the world

into the endless sky.


How do we keep the climb?

There’s no more stairs to go.

Top of all that we see.

Top of all that we know.

Where do we go from here?

Into the new unknown?

Beyond our atmosphere,

or through some new window?



has always been

the preferred
















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