Light Pollution

So much noise

and confusion,

all I have is me;

a temporary shelter.


and satisfactory,

enclosing in

the stars above.


Whenever I feel alone,

I just look up

and then I know

there’s only

a few thousand miles

between me

and everything else.


My feet are on the ground,

but does that mean

that I belong here?

I could be anywhere,

even though

I can’t conceive of it.


I get up

every morning,

put on my shoes

in the dark

and walk outside

to greet you,

but all there is

is black and stars.


I never knew

how small we were,

that we could fall

between the cracks in the floor.

I didn’t know

that we could be

so endlessly

and perfectly forgotten.


I guess we are all

like stars in the daytime;

still there,

but unseen.

Night falls

and we become

favoured by astronomers

and dreamers



HG – 2018

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