Eyes Closed

When I close my eyes

I can see the sky,

I can see light

coming in through the trees.

I can see you

looking at me

and smiling.

I can see stars,

I can see safety.

I’m in a cave,

peeking out at the world.

Drawing me out

to the ocean to wonder,

to the sea where I wander

all over and over,

but I

don’t want to face

the end of the world

with my eyes closed.


There were stories

of other places,

other big cities,

whole other peoples

that I knew as a child.


there is only science;

that cold calculation

that can’t seem to make me

convince myself

that there’s no other place

to go in a daydream


Maybe there’s something

about our minds

that lets us live


in multiple dimensions?

Maybe we fade

in and out

of the planes


Maybe I’m just insane,

or putting too much

on my imaginings,

but there’s no

good explanation

for dreams.


Not that that

excuses anyone

from the problems that we face

in this world.

If you’re not afraid these days,

I’m afraid

you’re ignorant,

or just not paying attention.

Maybe you are lost

in that narcotic state

where we go

between dimensions?

All I know

is I don’t want to have

my eyes closed

when the world ends.


I’m here,

no matter what’s out there,

’til it’s over.


HG – 2018

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