Keep it close,

close to your chest;

the infinite dissembler.

You always had

the words to speak,

you made it rain,

you made it visible.


Changes afraid,

every day,

in an instant,

I’m removed.

How are you today?

I catch a glimpse of you

turning around

and if I

can avoid your eye,

I’ll never exist to you.


That’s one of the ways

we lie.

Gotta keep it tight.

Gotta keep it close

to the surface,

but just beneath

these lies

lies a hell of importance.


Look the other way.

The saddest masquerade

is always taking place

and we all

want to come and play.

We clutch our little hearts

in hopes we get away

with all our little crimes,

with all of our tragedies.



I still see you there,

sitting far away from me.

Flowers held so tightly.

Is that a wedding bouquet?

Or a funeral arrangement?

I can’t tell.

Either way,

they’re beautiful

and so are you,

with all your thousands

of imperfections.


I’m taking a hold of me,

taking hold of you;

holding you so close, now.

Because I am so afraid

to lose it all.


Pieces of my soul

are already dead and gone

and I haven’t the strength

to watch the rest go on.


I’m fading away.

Hold me like you did

before we began

this strange experiment.

And I was just a boy

and you were still around,

not this thing before me;

you rise as I fall down.



and terrible


I see you

conjured in the interlude.

There is no place

for our kind

in the future.

We are

what we always were,

just a little more


by scars and attitude.

We get so

wound around


we hold on to.


HG – 2018

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