Strange Acquaintance

Looking for something

I’ve never seen before.

Will I recognize it?

Or will it pass me by?

If I have never had,

then how am I defined

by this elusive thought,

or thing,

or human being?


Are you a spirit?

Out there,

there is something,

there has to be.

On the outside of my eye

I see you briefly,

your signs infinitesimal,

but I know you are there.


How can I

hold such certainty

for what has never been?

I smile in strange acquaintance

with the unseen.


Never thought,

in my wildest imaginations,

that I could make you real;

real as I’ve become.

Making every moment up

as I go along.

My fingertips

trace out this reality,

just a moment of clarity

in the chaos mind.


Am I still imagining?

Or has the whole



I don’t remember anything

ever looking like this



Time is such a shitty friend;

it lies about your place

in its designs.

You think you’re in

the inner circle,

then you find yourself

looking in

from the outside.


Maybe I should never mind

and just keep on

keeping on

this path of mine.

Bored and boring

and slowly dying.


I think that I could be satisfied,

exploding in a billion stars

in the sky,

but it will be otherwise.


Light me up,

fill my brain

with more words

to feed unto this sacrifice.

I have no advice,

just moving my pen

to stay alive.

In between the letters,

I’m writing

my whole life.


HG – 2018

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