With You

Wake me up

when we get there.

I’m so tired

of the race.

Tonight we run

in the darkness.


we can escape.


We cut our teeth

on the sorrow.

We made our fate

in the rain.

We put away

for tomorrow

and I’d

do it all

over again;

with you.


Up ahead

is a good sign.

It shows

we are making

our way.

I’ll rest my eyes

while you drive.

Just get me

out of today.


Let’s leave it all

behind us.

Let’s set our sights

to the stars.

Let’s get away

to where they’ll never find us,

and I’d

do it all

over again;

with you.


I can feel you speed up.

It’s like we’re breaking gravity.

You don’t need to let up.

This is how we get free from insanity.

Put the space between us

and all that we have ever been.

No one will believe us

when we tell them

that we broke free.


Wake me up

when we get there.

Anywhere but here.

I’ve been alive,

but only in daydreams.


anywhere out there,

is the truth.


We had our hearts

in the darkness.

We suffered lonely in pain.

Breaking free

feels incredible;

I’d do it all

over again,

with you.


HG – 2018

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