Face Toward Enemy

Facing fear.

Staring down the dark.

Embracing a star.

Falling up forever.

Adrift and alone,

off into another unknown.


This is new pathways

in the brain.

New connections firing,

sending tiny bits of lightning

down new synapses,

changing the physical structure

of the mind.


This is sitting in the shark tank,

the shot down pilot,

the high flying acrobat;

leaving the body behind.

This is consciousness,

this is spirit,

changing the world,

reaching into darkness.


Trying to make it better

is staring into the abyss

and what we create

is not always wholesome.

Our thoughts,

our insecurities,

our egos,

can taint even the greatest

of our intentions.


We cannot stay this way;

we’re ready to pupate

into whatever comes

after what we are.

All of the games we play

have become pointless.

All of the things we say

are dangerous now.


Leave it alone

and we

will end up eating each other.

It’s time to open the door

and step on through.

There are things in our minds

just waiting their moment

to describe the universe

like we’ve never known.


It’s time to face your fear,

so put on your armour.

It’s time to walk the path,

so pick up your gun.

Intrepid will be first,

followed by the timid.

Then the rest can come;

we’ll leave no one behind.


One step at a time.

Be wary of danger.

You’re changing your mind,

that’s when you’re vulnerable.

I’ve got your back,

you’ve got mine,

so we don’t feel all alone

as we walk step by step

down the road to tomorrow.


All our fears lay ahead.


HG – 2018

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