Suicide Pact

This is madness;

this once sweet desire,

it consumes us,

feeds us,

drives us wild.


by this unclean fire,


no longer stand idly by.


This might be

the end of our world,

but we’re too focused

on each other’s eyes.

A firmament

about to be shattered

and we stand under it

ready to be cut to death.


All this

we couldn’t stand to wonder.

All this,

we doused with gas and smoked.

All this,

we didn’t get away,

or create a safe distance,

before we detonated.


If this is love,

I never want anything else.

I want your pulse,

your touch,

the smell of your skin.

I want you dripping

all over me,

like the remnants

of a cardinal sin.


Each thought of you

tears through my mind,

like a ball bearing

from a suicide vest.

Mental shrapnel,

emotional projectiles.

I take no comfort,


instead I look heavenward

and await The Judgement,

or just some regular cataclysm.


Is it over yet?

Have the Fates destroyed us?

Our hearts entombed,

our minds eviscerated.

I draw out of this

one consideration,

one token,

one drawn candle

to light

in the memory

of this world.


Love was just enough;

too bad

it wasn’t

for us.


HG – 2018

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