It isn’t easy.


it sure isn’t,

and it’s not getting any easier.

Time comes now

to unfurl the sails

and with the light at our backs,

we head West,

into the Shadowlands.


Long forsaken,

we approach the Heartless.

That pit of woe;


there is no failing.

The hundred thousand times

we have tried

and were left burning on the shoreline.


When we set out on this trip,

we knew there was no return.

Huddle tight,

together in the night

and burn

our most precious memories for warmth.

This wasn’t your idea,

this wasn’t mine,

it was fate;

Old Undeniable.


It was the wind

that pushed us

into the sacred dark.

From everlasting

to everlasting,

our vows sustained us.

Neither of us

ever did this

for Paradise;

this was just a comfort

which we could afford.

A port of call

in chaos.


The great bests of the sea

will try to sink us.

The hurricanes

will seek to drive us under

and our provisions

may wax and wane

at times throughout our journey,

but we are Faithful

and we are Pirates.

Whatever keeps us moving

towards the setting Sun.


No hope

without a little we can make ourselves.

We cannot substitute

seawater for wine,

nor lies for love;

it truly is our only hope.

I don’t know

where the journey goes

and if you do,

you keep a well hidden secret.

If there is anything

over that next horizon,

all I care

is that you are there with me.


HG – 2018

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