The walls come down

and we wonder

if we locked the door.

All around

we see the signs,

but we don’t remember

what they’re for.

This strange acquaintance;

prophecy and you.

So many miles ago,

we wrote a letter, too.

All these moments fade away,

like the enemies

we execute.

So much for warm dismissals,

so much for gratitude.


If anything got us here,

I’m sure it was out principles.

So came the charm and pleasure

and doing the impossible.

We gave everything

for something

and now we’ll find out

what it is.

So far we’ve only gotten lucky;

every single shot has missed.

But we know deep down

that pretty soon

it’s coming down to us.

They’re gonna come

and they’re gonna take

their pound of flesh from us.


We’re gonna scream

and we’re gonna cry

and hide under the mountainside.

Why did we think

we could abide

by a higher grace

that had a face

like damnation?


I don’t remember how it goes.

Did we ask for it,

or did it ask for us?

Come say you have to invite it in,

but now all of our thresholds

are just ash and dust.


Kings and queens

of any age

are overthrown,

and those that reign

on the final days

are plowed under.

The stewards of

the future

will prepare new soil;

a new Earth.

What is rebirth worth,

without a holocaust?


HG – 2018

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