Don’t say a word

and break the stillness.

The tension here

has crystallized,

perfect structure

and a single sound,

one single word,

will bring it down

around us.


We made this thing

without a touch.

No play by hand,

no sounds come out.


and dissimilar to

everything we’ve ever known.


If curiosity

should ever get the best of us

and one wonder

more than one should,

those spans of delicate story

will crack into pieces,

sharp as daggers.


And if the words

out of our mouths

are that simple question,

then we have doomed ourselves.

And if  we touch

what we have made,

we will be impaled

as it collapses on top of us.


Silence is the key

to survival.

Sometimes it’s the only thing

keeping us alive.

Even the look in your eye

makes foundations tremble.

I’ve never been so terrified.


I see you open your mouth,

inhale breath,

your hands reaching out.

And I cannot move,

I cannot speak;

I’m trapped in the moment.

Your lips move

and I go to pieces.


HG – 2018

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