Shadow People

There are things

that will always remain

hard to find words for.

Things that linger

like Shadow People

on the edge of insight.

Try as I might,

I just can’t spot them,

pin the down,

identify them,

dissect them,

absorb them.


Holding on to things like these

is like gripping sand,

or holding smoke,

if even so tangible.

I know they are there,

influencing me

in the dark times,

in the small hours,

but when I search my mind

for syllables to describe;

they disappear,

back to wherever they’re from.


Night serpents,

or ephemeral angels,

like love and sadness,

fear and exultation.

Beyond the length and breadth

of my perception,

my comprehension

ends there,

like a paved road.


Everything outside the lines

is undiscovered,

so I keep reaching out

to the shades in my mind

in hopes they step into the light

that I might know them

and capture them with words

to soothe my story.


HG – 2018

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