Plastic Feathers

These things come and go,

but I am grateful

to have known them

in my way.

The faces in my world

are all alive and I

have loved every one of them.


Though I am sick with thoughts

and full of every kind

of sin and folly,

I ask

only the best

from myself,

even if I seldom get it.



on things too long

and they slip away.


the pain and waste

only intensifies.

It never runs its course.


Or maybe it does;

and life is like a river,

filling me like an ocean

of despair?

I don’t even care,

because that doesn’t change

my hopes,

my dreams,

my love.


Each day I wake

before the Sun

and don my plastic feathers.

I climb way up high

and watch the Sun rise.

I wait for the wind

to be just right.

One day I’ll fly

when I take that step again.

Maybe today is that day.


Patience is long

and time is everlasting,

as long as we’re here

to see it through.

I’m watching mine

wash away in the sun shower.

I’ll be coming home one day,

but not any time soon.

I’ve still got so much to do.


HG – 2018

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