The forest birthed me.

The mountains sire.

The oceans raised me.

The fields trained me.

The sky taught me.

I am the river’s brother,

we both wind our way

back to our infinite home.


I’ve been a thief.

I’ve been an angel.

Fallen and fighting.

Victorious and vanquished.

Rise like the morning.

Die like the evening.

Circles and cycles.

Love me like blood does.


I’ve been a ghost.

I’ve been a vampire.

I’ve lived among you,

but you never saw me.

I’ve been hope

and just a memory.

I’ve been fading every day

since I was born,

but I’ve never been more

present in this existence.


I’m just a mind,

trapped in a body.

I’m just a body,

fit with a soul.

I’m just some dust

that figured out energy.

Slowly decaying;

ok, maybe not slowly,

but time is made up,



All that I’ve been,

all that I’m doing

is an illusion,

is just a job.

I keep saying

I’ll wake up tomorrow,

but when I rise,

I’m back in the box.


Return to the sky.

Fly higher than mountains.

Dive even deeper,

’til the ocean’s above.

Fall like water

from up in the highest

places I can find.

It’s like me to come down.


I’m just a dream,

caught in between heart beats.

Blink and you’ll miss me,

if I’m even here.


HG – 2018

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