Super Natural

I remember the day

that I lowered my expectations,


“I will never be

hurt or disappointed

ever again.”

I was wrong.


Oh, how I have paid

such a bitter price

and now that I know

my mistake

and I try to raise

the level of my eye,

I find I’m under

so much weight.


I thought I knew the way,

but I was ignorant,

deceived and arrogant

and now I

carry on my way

trying to find

any value in discomfort.


We are not

our expectations.

We are who we relegate ourselves

to be.

In this time

and situation,

it can be

such a struggle

just to lift your head


and look around

and wonder;

“How did I get here

and how do I get out?”


We are impossibly

complex creatures

capable of being so many things.

Never lower your eyes,

or your mind,

keep your expectations high.

You will find

it’s almost impossible

to gain back ground

you gave up

without a fight.


Hold you head up,

even when you feel

like laying down to die.

Don’t be afraid

of your own potential.

You’re not a butterfly,

you’re an alien.

You’re a mythical creature.

You’re super natural,

so don’t bend,

don’t hide,

don’t cave

and give up

your expectations.


Be a dream.


HG – 2018

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