Roller Coaster

Burning through another mad cycle.



Never touch the brakes.

They’re burned out,

ripped out by the momentum

and I think the lines were cut,



Another up,

another down.

Struggle to maintain the movement.

At these velocities

things can come apart

so quickly,

you won’t feel the pain that kills you.


Up another hill.

That slow climb,

that long draw

and then it’s like we’ve stopped


Sitting here,

staring at the sky,

feeling like at any moment

I could plummet back to Earth

to die on impact.


From this angle,

I can’t see the way in front of me

and the imperceptible movement

makes me feel as if I’m walking

on a razor’s edge.

Heaven above me.

Hell below.


I hate this part

of the ride on the Bi-Polar Coaster.


Then we crest

and the view from here

is fucking spectacular.

The sky is clear,

the air is crisp

and I am closer to God

than I have ever been.




I fucking made it!


And then the bottom falls out

and I am screaming

back to Earth again.

It is so fast,

the momentum is exhilarating.

The twists,

the turns,

the loops.


The unexpected

lives and dies

in six minutes of velocity.

G-forces twist the skin

and the mind.

As the air sails by,

I know

that as long as we stay

on this track,

we’re going to make it

to the end.


Riding the lightning.

Split second contact

between Heaven

and Hell

in an instant.

Check my neurochemicals

and maybe ease the frequency.

I’ve been tall enough for this ride

for a long time.


Just hang in there

in the scary parts.

Don’t let it rock off the rails.

This ride

isn’t for the faint of heart.

By the time I can convince myself

it’s over,

I’m already in line

to go again.


HG – 2018

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