The will dissolves.

Called down from the scaffold,

the Damned is led away.

No more opiates for the masses.

This is a hungry love,

it never comes easy.

It is earned by burns

and society’s arbitration.


Consciousness  fades away,

and in the warmth

of the never full,

barely hear the heart beat.

Just a demon lullaby.


Stick it out,

like a real man.

Now you know

that time is perishable.

Feed it while you can,

but soon,

you’ll run out of parts of you

to feed it.



you are ravenous.

and you realize now

that you are also prey.


Seek and you will find,

that bitter tongue elixir.

Fashions into mind

a wicked soul addiction.


Pave the way and pay the cost,

but every brick will cost you,

a debt you can never repay,

never defer;

you’re gonna carry it with you.


Some say there’s a way

to feed the final devil

and he will come no more,

but so far it escapes me.


I’ll tell you what,

when I figure this shit out,

I’ll come for you,

but until then,

I’ve got to keep moving.

The hunger is waiting for me,

everywhere I stop.

I’m on my way.


HG – 2018

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