Silent Underground

Heaven is above you;

that’s what they tell you.

That’s what they say

when they want your eyes elsewhere.

Here comes the flood.

Here comes the hailstorm.

Open your  mouth

and sigh

until you drown.


Only the fools

still waste away.

In the sunshine of haste

they play.

Amazed they still remain,

accepted and often

guilty of something,

but isn’t everyone?


They accuse

the sky

of all their crimes,

because no one defends


The wise choose their words

at a snail’s pace.

The lie twists the world,

but not everything.


Every morning

the Sun rises,

at least it has

every day so far.

Light unveils

a sky that changes,

but no more than the day,

or the eye.


Search as you might,

you won’t know its secrets.

You’ll go into the ground

with no answers.

Funny how,

 to know what is

above you,

you must look and see

what is below.


Down on the ground,

crawling all around,

comes out of your mouth;

your silent underground.

The greatest test of Faith

isn’t staring at the sky;

it’s asking yourself why

you still

deny that there’s

something left inside.


Just dig deeper.

Get some dirt,

some flesh under your nails.

Dig deeper,

it’s not going to be

just below the skin.

Dig deeper,

and only when

you’ve exposed your most

soft and vulnerable,

your secret deep inside,

look to the sky

and you’ll see the connection.


Heaven is Truth.

Don’t hide the Truth in you.


HG – 2018

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