Mirror Pool

Still and  serene,

the surface stares back.

The mirror pool

reflecting the Sun.


clear enough to see deeper in

the depths below.


A breeze blows,

rippling the image,

distorting a perfect plane,

until they rise up

to snap and break.

Wave forms,

transforming perfect tension

in one violent action,

followed by a million.


The once calm surface

that showed a glimpse of something,

becomes a maelstrom,

dredging the abyss.


things that lay deep in sleeping

are awakened

and seek the sky once more.


A gale wind.

A rip tide.

The Earth shifts

and the ocean rises.


what once was submerged

and hidden in the deep

is now the surface.


When the winds die

and the tide recedes

and stillness slips its way

across the new horizon,

what was old is new,

so long ago and alien.


The calm deep,

the endless wave,

in flux

and monument

to the depth of being.


and becoming,

the medium cycles

through what it must be.


HG – 2018

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