***This was written yesterday, with the intent to publish, but something came up and it was abandoned.***


There is truth in everything,

even in a lie.

The proof is in the things

we don’t pass blindly by.

The words do not suffice

to pave my way on through

to where you’re hiding out.

I still have faith in you.


Trying to divide

myself from my self


Trying to make

a way

out of my mind.


as required

over resistance.


order in

a chaotic life.


So much for the structure,

gone in with the to and fro.

The subtle expressions

on your face

tell me it is so.


Let me pose a question;

do you think

that you think that way,

because of your experience,

or your DNA?

What is that curled up within you?

Waiting to come.

Patience is a virtue,

but time’s running on.


I think you think

you’re thinking,

all your thoughts

for the very



But you’re not.

You’ve thought all of this before.

You’re an echo through time,

ringing in your mind.

You and I are just a part

of living intertwined

with the dying of our star,

it’s time you recognise

that you are who you are

for reasons lost to time,

you’re changing the whole world

every second of your life.


I think the hardest truth,

is that we

are our only hope.



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