Welcome to the Universe

There is a place for you


somewhere in between

event and horizon.

Hidden in the background,

or standing in the day,

you have a time and a place.

So happy for you,

that you have come

to join our slick menagerie.

Isn’t it a wonder,

even when we kill each other?


I can’t even begin

to tell you what to do,

or tell you how to be;

your choices

are almost



that’s kind of the point, here.

You’re expected

to figure some things out

on your own.

I am not your guide,

I’m another traveler

that just stopped to say,


Welcome to the Universe.”


Now you should probably

get going.

There’s only one real rule here;

if you stop moving, you die.

So, take a look around.

You could go forever this way,

or forever that,

but don’t get caught up

in the pull

of the gas giants

and the infinitely dense.


There is anything out there.


and everything.

It’s up to you

to learn how

to navigate

this infinite space.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Welcome to the Universe.


HG – 2018


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