Life Proof

What’s it going to be?

The pistol or the blade?

The enemy restrained,

the atom bomb untamed.

How can I explain,

what I have understood?

My mind is still a maze

and I’m amazed I could

be here at all.

Even before I fall,

I’m already holding

my arms out wide.

Watching it all unfolding

and when I go

over the side,

there’s no controlling gravity.

Only me

and those subtle intricacies.

So what’s it going to be?


I can’t share with you

all my pain.

I won’t do that again.

Iron sharpens iron,

but blood always leaves a stain.

That’s just the way

our world works today

and always has,

as far as I know,

so down we go.

I reach out

and midway to you

my hand becomes a fist.

I cannot explain,

or exist

in the same old way

that I did

before all of this.

I don’t know whether to

fight you,

or embrace you,

but I can’t escape you.

I guess that’s just the way it is.


So what’s it going to be?

The savior,

or the Mime?

The Handler, or the King?

The Grave Robber gets his

every time.

There’s always going to be

someone going in the hole.

It’s what we can’t control,

all we have is our souls.

The feeling that we know

what’s going to happen to us

when we die,

is just a lie.

It might be comforting,

but it’s just a disguise.

Foolish we are

when we should be wise,

but I guess that’s okay.

It’s all part of the games we play.

Spin the Bottle,

Russian Roulette

and Space Invaders.

It’s all now down on paper,

or on line,

so we can read it later.

Archived for all time.


How many lives

have we had in our minds?

I feel,

like a thousand in mine.

The dream,

begets the love,

begets the lie.

That’s our beautiful,

total tragedy.

The fates of you and me.


what’s it going to be?


HG – 2018


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