Star Gazer

There is something drawing me

into the light again.

I think it is the dark,

showing me life again.

Certain there’s more to see,

just beyond this thin veil.

Knowing there’s something there,

if I just reach out,

step outside

of my gilded prison.


Fear does not define me.

Love is my reflection,

but I bear no halo,

I have never worn wings.

I have been stranded,

just like you.

All the movement that you see

has been hard won.


I only know resurrection

is a thing,

because He told me,

but my adulterous heart

has left me wandering

and seeking the light.

Now that I am standing

in the dark again,

the light becomes

so obvious,

just have to move towards it.


Quickly now!

The dark is full

of deadly comforts,

but I can’t see the light

as bright

in the day.

I’m accustomed to looking

for the stars in the night sky.


Maybe there’s an analogy there,

and it’s all been a tale

told in the sky.

Light and dark.

Maybe I’m just a part

of the bigger life?

I think I can see the light.


HG – 2018


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