Do what you want to me.

I can take it.

It’s not in my nature to seek


I’ve been a man of one mind.

I’ve been a man of my own.

Take me away from these lies.

I’m all that I’ve ever known.


Down to my bones,

I’m a survivor.

Anything you can do

I can do better.

I can inflict this shit

faster and sharper

and throw it all away.


You’ll never really know

what I’m willing to discard,

to give up,

to die,

to win.

I’m a survivor.


Tell me again

why you’re worth more,

why you’re stronger,

why you’re crazier than me?

This is a contest,

but it’s not the one

that you thought you were in.


We’re all the same in the end.

No special regard.

Forgotten by time,

consumed by fire.

I don’t think you understand

what I’m willing to give up

in order to live.

I’m a survivor.


I’m not getting lost

in the day-to-day.

I’m climbing out of my own head

and into yours

where I live on.

My words aren’t just infectious;

they’re weaponized,

designed to get into your mind

and propagate in time.

That’s how I survive.


I’ll stand up tall,

I’ll take the fall;

I’ll take on anything at all.

One life,

one fight,

until tonight.

You can’t erase

what’s in my mind,

because now,

it’s in you, too.

A little bit of me in you.

I told you;

do whatever you have to.


I’m a survivor.


HG – 2018

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