I think it’s time,

that I quit waiting

for the wind

to blow.

How much is the cheapest way

out of here?

I’m asking for a friend.


Trust me,

it’s been one hell of a time again,



I’m easy,

but the over-complicated

axioms fail to gain

their implications.


I can’t even

begin to explain,

so I won’t even try.

I hope you’re satisfied

with figuring it out

on your own.

You’re a smart kid,

you’ll do just fine.


I set you up

to let you down,

but it’s not as far a fall

as it looks on TV;

it’s farther down

than you could ever imagine.

So far that you could grow wings

before you hit the ground.



These are the ramblings

of the amplified.

The chronic lost.


available for a limited time,

so act now!

Just do something.


I’m back again,

no more winter faded platitudes;

I’m in the zone.

It’s better here

than anywhere,

I’ve been around a bit.


Ask me how

I know the words

and I’ll make up a song.

That’s the secret,

I hope you know;

we make it all up

as we go along.



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