Set in the moment,

this, the life decided.

Every being

faces a day just like today.

One instant,

where all we have been,

all we have seen,

all that we know;

snaps suddenly into alignment.


There is no way,

no crystal vision,

no grand yogi on the mountain

to guide your every step.

This is the culmination

of chance,

of pain,

of perseverance.


Life offers precious little comfort

that truly eases the pain,

just a whole lot of ways

to temporarily escape.

We suffer through each day

trying to make our way,

but only honest work,


hard effort,

and fighting that good fight,


gives you a chance

to beat the clock.

To see the light,

summit the mountain

and plant your flag

On the high point of your life.


This is that moment;

when all the pain

fades in the face

of destiny.

This is the time;

when the just rewards

finally outweigh your vices.

In that instant,

When you speak

and you hear your voice;

get ready,

because you might not recognize it.


The authority

with which you now speak.

The power in your arms,

the strength in your heart,

is there

because you made it.

You didn’t give up.

You were more savage

than the circumstances

that sought to destroy you.


Breathe it in.

Enjoy it.

It is brief, but it is yours.

The moment is passed.

The work must continue.

Now go,

and make more like you.


HG – 2018


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