Gone again,

fading away

into the sky again.

Escaping soul.

An ending

to this exhale,

the drawing in

begins again.


Now is the time,

and any place

will suffice to make it so.

Gone again,

but parts of me remain

to replace what I stole.

Lift me up

into the Sun,

carry me back to the whole.


No reprieve,

no design;

just an endless,

unbending line

of existence.

From one place,

to another;

the day moves us,

just like the Sun.


We break away,

fade away

to where the blue becomes

the endless space.

When I land,

one long day,

the world awaits

my hands.

Until then,

I’ll escape

into the black again.


Move me like wind.


HG – 2018


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