Keep It Together

So beautiful

and absentminded.

Love forgets,

but it is soon recalled.

Just happenstance,

not bred of vision.

A chance at all

is still a miracle.


Never been sure,

if love is grounded

in deeper things

than we can understand,

or are we creatures

formed in love’s absence,

fueled by emptiness,

drawn in

by loss?


Do we feel most poignantly

when we are near

the ones we love?

Or when we are

far separated by divides?

And in those miles,

do we draw together?

Strength in everything.

Loud without a sound.


Is love the battle?

The patience?

The overcoming of one wall,

after another?

Does it exist

in its purest form?

Are we ever open?

Or is there always another door,

another mile,

another stair

to climb,

to reach out in understanding?


Some place,

I am sure

we are free of doubts that linger.

Of every wall,

an open window.

All our resolve

and perseverance

has crawled,

to a high plateau

under an open sky.






Are we gravity,

or magnetism?

Covalent bonds,

or symbiosis?

Do we orbit,

only to crash into each other,

destroying what we were?






Let’s find out.


HG – 2018


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